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Welcome to the official Siamese Cat Society of NSW Inc website.

Breeders located on the Breeders Page are breeding only the best Pure Siamese cats from the best lines from all around the world. A brief description and profile of the four recognised colours can be found here on the buying a kitten page

 Please enjoy your visit to our site and if you have any further questions please contact one of our friendly breeders by phone or Email.

Buyers of New Siamese kittens please be aware.

Due to recent changes to Siamese kitten registrations any cat that looks like a Siamese regardless of what is in the pedigree can be registed as Siamese. So PLEASE! If you are looking for a #pure Siamese ask to see a pedigree or go to a pure Siamese breeder

# A Siamese that has either Seal,Blue,Chocolate or Lilac points in a pedigree for at least 8 generations

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