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                                           Details for Membership for Siamese Cat Society

Full Membership is restricted to owners of pure Siamese cats.

Applications for full membership only must be accompanied by a copy of the registration of the cat or kitten named on the application.

For Full Members - the Annual Subscription is $21.00 for single and Joint Membership is $35.00 per annum.

Any queries or questions regarding becoming a new member please don't hesitate to contact our President. Secretary or Treasurer.

Contact details for all committee members including Editor of "Felis" can be found on the contact us page.

All cheques please make payable to Siamese Cat Society of NSW.

Owners of cats and interested persons may become Associate Members with a $14.00 annual fee.

A New Introductory Member has been added to the membership and renewal form

An Introductory member is a New Pure Siamese kitten owner who’s breeder has paid  the Full membership fee for the first year only at half of the full membership rate. Full Membership rights are also available to the new member.

If you would like to advertise your cattery on our website the fee is $15.00 per annum, you may include your website address when joining or renewing your membership. Your cattery will be posted on our "Breeders" page, giving viewers a link to your website and/or email address and contact numbers. You are also automatically included in the kitten registry.

The FELIS is the official journal of the Siamese Cat Society of NSW Inc. and is published by and for the Society. This wonderfully handy journal is full of articles, photographs and up to date information on various upcoming shows and events. Articles and photographs are more than welcome to be submitted to the Editor, these will only be published upon approval by the Editor and limited space available for particular issues.

Advertising enquiries are also welcome through the Editor. Full page advertising - $60.00 per annum, Half page advertising - $40.00 per annum and Quarter page only $25.00 per annum.

There are three (3) issues of Felis published per year. Issues are published in April, August and December of each year.

New members who join through the year will be eligible for back issues of "Felis" if available.

The cost of the Journal is included in the Members subscription fee.

The "Felis" can be purchased by non members on application to the Society at $5.00 per copy.

Please click link below to download a (PDF format) Membership form for both new members and renewal.

New member and renewal form Download SCS Membership Form 2018.pdf SCS Constitution SCS Constitution 040217.pdf

Register your litter

Let the Siamese Cat Society know when you have kittens by using the quick online form which will be sent to the  kitten Register and Webmaster for addition to the Breeders Page

SCS members on our breeders page